Writing and Pinning boards

There is a world of difference between the various surface coatings for writing boards available on the market today, ranging from vitreous enamel, to coated steel, to plastic laminates, and even writing board paints. Knowing the difference can avoid costly errors. The surface coating is the most important aspect when specifying a writing board, as constant use (for example in an educational facility), can wear down an inferior surface coating in a very short space of time, and render the boards useless.

Our writing boards are all made with a sturdy core construction, framed in natural anodised aluminium channels (except for Vitrex System 1000 boards and Vitrex Writing Walls, which are frameless) and available with surface coatings of various degrees of hardness, which offers the specifier the opportunity to choose the correct surface for each application.

The Facade Writing and Pinning board range include the Facade Exclusive Board Range, and Facade Standard Board Range.